Falling in Love Every Day


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin


These two have the road paved for a successful marriage. The love between them is incredible; walking through the park and hearing their story makes us so excited to capture their wedding day in September… it is like everything in their lives was leading up to the moment that they fell in love.




Living in the Moment


Working with families teaches us to live in the moment. For the length of our photo shoot we are 100% present with our clients. We don’t worry about checking the time, our phones, or staying up to date with news. We are living in the present. Something remarkable happens in those moments; we see the world through the eyes of the children, we see the park as a big unexplored playground that needs to be fully inspected. We get dirty, we look at dandelions, we remember why being a kid is the best thing ever. This is a gift our families give us each time we work with them.


‘Now My Belly Is As Noble As My Heart’


-Gabriela Mistral

We have forever been drawn to the beauty of Mother Nature. Yet, we now have a new appreciation for every mother we know, every maternity photo shoot we have captured, every wildlife mom we have been honoured to watch, and the strong mothers and grandmothers who have shaped our lives.


And Then There Were Four…


We loved every moment of working with this new family of four. The energy, the laughter, the playfulness… they make having two boys look easy and entertaining (which we know cannot always be the case). It is always rewarding to see families grow, to watch big brother step into his new role, and to see two parents so happy with what they have built.


A Winter Wonderland


We had a blast playing with this awesome family in the snow. The weather was just warm enough to stay out to sunset to capture the golden light and explore the quiet park on a winter’s afternoon. We couldn’t ask for a more spontaneous and fun loving family to spend the afternoon with.



When It Is Meant To Be


A winter wedding in the mountains comes with certain risks, most relating to weather. The week before their wedding it was snowy, the roads were dangerous, and the temperature dropped below -20C. Then, the day of their wedding the skies cleared, the sun shone again, the the mountain tops glistened with fresh snow. It was the perfect day, meant just for these two as they began the first day of the rest of their live together. Bride_25Bride_36Bride_49Groom_39Ceremony_6Ceremony_10Ceremony_32Ceremony_51Bridal_2Bridal_17Bridal_24Bridal_29Bridal_77Bridal_88Bridal_105Reception_44